Dear Swing Dancers, we invite you from June 28 to July 1, 2019 to Odessa, where a scientific dance conference will take place.

Welcome to the Laboratory of Swing Dance!

Here, after distillation, jazz turns into a dance, and rest, jazz and a positive attitude are stored in test tubes.

till Festival


experiments and research in the field of jazzology and dancinpulation.

dance classes for festival guests of various levels experience. details


evening and night forums on the influence of jazz on the organism.

parties with live music on the beach, in the center of the beautiful Odessa. details


varied program for a bright holiday on LSD.

Cabaret and show program, excursions and walks, competitions, photo and video-shooting. details



At the conference will be a presentation

the medicament Laboratory Swing Dance -  

"JAzZoLOL". Become the owner and

experience its action.


  • gives pleasant memories and improves memory for new cool moves

  • provides easiness of the bounce, and weight lessening in lead.

  • increases vitality and communication skills

  • increases the desire to smile and look at life positively

  • improves hearing